Some Questions for SCM Leaders

Since early last year we have issued monthly blogs presenting issues and approaches to solutions in the healthcare supply chain management field.  This month we are turning the table and asking you to think of specific issues and approaches to solutions in your own organization.  In other words, a personal plan for your program this year.

  1. What are the key Supply Chain Management (SCM) issues that you and your organization are facing this year?
    1. How will these be resolved?
    2. What are the major barriers to resolution?
    3. What role will you play in this process?
    4. What tools and resources will you need to be successful?
    5. What collaborative programs can you leverage to engage both administrative and clinical supply chain leaders in the resolution of these issues?
  2. In our April 2018 blog [] we identified 12 keys to leadership in SCM.  What is your organization doing to advance these?  How are you supporting this?
  3. How is your organization elevating SCM within the clinical leadership teams?  See our July blog []

If you have interesting approaches to these issues, we we’d like to hear about them.  We could, if you wish, post them on our site for others to hear about and comment.  Or you might just want to ask us for our thoughts about some of these issues.  We’d be glad to comment.  But bottom line, have a most successful year in 2019 and may your supply chains be prosperous and value-creating.

Posted by: Jim & Gene


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