About us



We believe that every healthcare system's supply chain can and should be improved to raise quality, patient outcomes, and to reduce cost. We are a consulting firm exclusively dedicated to this mission.

Through transformative change programs we work with administrators, clinicians, and suppliers applying leading supply chain management principles to improve system performance. Our structured advisory services combine guidance, coaching, mentoring, educating, and motivating programs.

Benefits are realized through a high ROI as demonstrated by increased productivity and outcomes specific to organizational goals.



We bring deep knowledge and specific healthcare Supply Chain expertise to work with you and your team to identify and implement strategic improvement initiatives.

Through facilitated group sessions with Supply Chain leadership teams we identify relevant initiatives tied to your strategic goals.

We create value by harnessing …

  • The power residing within your own SC staff
  • The power residing within your medical staff
  • The performance enhancement you can derive from your external channel partners
  • The value residing within your own data

Gene Schneller

DR. EUGENE SCHNELLER, Co-Founder of Healthcare Supply Chain eXcellence, is also Professor, Department of Supply Chain Management, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University and President of Health Care Sector Advances.

He is also Director, Health Sector Supply Chain Research Consortium, a university/industry cooperative committed to advancing health sector supply chain practice. As well Gene is faculty lead for the Mayo Clinic Physician Leadership Academy.

His current work focuses on integration of health care supply functions, physician leadership in supply chain management, buyer/seller trust and performance relationships and maturity model adoption for continuous supply chain performance improvement. In this capacity, he also co-founded the group, Physicians for Supply Chain Excellence.  He is also a national and international leader in the area of purchasing models and group purchasing strategy.

In his research and consulting work, Gene is engaged with key IDNs in the US including Ministry Healthcare, HCA, Mayo Clinic, Sutter Healthcare, Banner Healthcare, ROI, LeeSar, New York Presbyterian, Cedars Sinai and Sutter Healthcare.


Jim Eckler

JIM ECKLER, Co-Founder of Healthcare Supply Chain eXcellence, is also President of Eckler Associates, a supply chain professional and an acknowledged expert, offers advisory services to deliver practical strategic and operational advice to healthcare organizations.  Along with Gene Schneller, Jim is co-founder of the group, Physicians for Supply Chain Excellence.

Jim’s background includes over 35 years of experience in operations, supply chain management, outsourcing, business strategy development, governance, and information technology. For 18 years Jim has held senior executive roles in supply chain operating companies, first as President and CEO of a third-party Supply Chain Services provider and then as Chief Operating Officer of Health Shared Services BC, the provider of all shared services for the healthcare system across British Columbia.

Prior to his operating roles, Jim was a leading consultant in supply chain management for clients across North America.  Jim’s current focus and specialty is in the healthcare field, advising and implementing hospital systems and other healthcare organizations to achieve streamlined, cost saving supply chain excellence.